Wednesday, May 18, 2011

'Tis the Season - for Highland Games

Ohio Scottish Games, ca. 2006

Recently, I received a brochure advertising this year's Ohio Scottish Games to be held at the Lorain County Fair Grounds, 23-25 June 2011. I'm excited about this year's Games because one of the musical acts scheduled is Brother, who originally hail from Australia. Who knew that the pipes and the didgeridoo went so well together? My mother and sister heard them many years ago at the Games in Los Angeles and we have a small collection of their albums. It'll be fun to hear them live!

I looked for a listing of Games in the United States, but I only found a partial one here. If your state isn't list use your favorite search engine to look for Games in your neck of the woods. There will probably be Highland dancing, caber tossing, clan societies, exhibitions, food (some even vaguely British) and vendors selling all sorts of Scottish goods like Iron Bru and Mars Bars. It's a nice day out.

Lists of Highland Games in Scotland can be found here and here.

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