Sunday, June 12, 2011

More DNA Fun - James Naughtie has his DNA tested

Today, at the Scottish DNA Project Blog, was posted a notice about James Naughtie who had his DNA tested for BBC Radio 4's program Today.

Read James Naughties account in the Mail Online here.  You can also listen to him and Alistair Moffat discuss the test on 2 March 2011 here and the results on 1 June 2011 here.

I know that part of the fun in the article and radio stories is that the Scots Moffat and Naughtie have "English" DNA markers. I just wish they would have pointed out that culture and genetics are not the same thing. And as Moffat's previous radio program on Scotland's DNA has shown everybody came to Scotland from somewhere else. My genetics are probably very similar to many people in the UK as most of my ancestors, that we know of, are from the British Isles or Scandinavia. My culture, on the other hand, is definitely American.

image credit: Zephyris

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