Friday, February 14, 2014

The Scottish Diaspora Blog Needs You!

Tanja Bueltmann, PhD, of Northumbria University needs contributors for her project "Personal Reflections: The Scottish Diaspora." Participation is easy, simply answer seven questions, provide a picture, and accept the terms and conditions of the survey. The surveys will eventually be posted on The Scottish Diaspora Blog and would, I imagine, also inform Bueltmann's future research on the topic.

The announcement asks for participation from Scots living abroad or from people living in Scotland who are interested in Scottish history and culture. From this wording, "Scots living abroad," I figured she meant people who were born in Scotland and are currently living abroad. However, one of the questions asks when you or your ancestors emigrated, suggesting that she really means anyone who claims Scottish ancestry or who identifies as Scottish. In other terms, if you are a member of either the Lived or Ancestral Diaspora, Dr. Bueltmann wants to hear from you.

If you are unsure of the term diaspora, three posts from this blog and the links within them might be helpful: Does Scotland Care About the Diaspora?, The Bookshelf: American Scots by Duncan Sim, and A Primer on Scottish Diaspora Studies.

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