Monday, September 6, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

So this past week I have been very excited by the arrival of followers to the blog. Then I discovered the new Stats section on Blogger. It is very cool! I've learned that readers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Israel, China, Poland, and the UAE have visited. I knew it was called the world wide web for reason; but it never occurred to me that the world would see my blog. Yes, I know, silly me.

Since I like having visitors and readers I figured I should get organized and follow some blogs as well. I thought it would be neat if I visited the blogs listed on Geneabloggers, followed some and then blogged about others.  It seemed like a perfect project for Labor Day Weekend, or so I thought.

Yesterday afternoon, after looking at the first five out of 1200+, I realized that I had set myself an overwhelming task. New plan: start looking for ones with catchy names. After looking at another couple of blogs, this new method seemed a little unfair as just because one can't think of a catchy title, doesn't meant the content isn't good. Then, I thought it made more sense to look at the blogs by type. I did this and found a few interesting blogs which I now follow. I think that if you look at my profile you will see a list of blogs that I follow, many of which are not genealogy related. 

Part two of my overly ambitious plan was to list blogs of interest to my readers - namely the Scottish Genealogy blogs. Then it occurred to me that if you follow my blog, you very likely follow theirs as well. In fact, I even saw some of your faces on the websites. That was nice; a bit like running into an acquaintance at the grocery story. 

So my plan to post about blogs totally evaporated. Although, the plan to finally follow some blogs worked perfectly. I did find one good tidbit though. Scottish GENES mentioned yesterday that Radio Scotland host Kaye Adams would be speaking about genealogy gone wrong on this morning's show. I followed up, as the BBC streams many of shows that it doesn't podcast. To hear today's episode through the BBC iPlayer, go here, it will be available for the next seven days, that is until 13 September. The story on genealogy begins the broadcast and lasts about 15 or 16 minutes, then Kaye Adams switches to a debate on the Right to Die bill before the Scottish Parliament, then returns to callers stories about genealogy. If you don't want to hear the debate about the bill, skip ahead to 1:03 or one hour and three minutes into the show.

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