Information, tidbits and disclaimers.

I do have advertising on this site from Google and Amazon, you've probably noticed. They are just there and I don't do anything to them. Someday, I might earn a few pennies from these ads; then again, maybe not.

Amazon Associates
In addition to these passive ads, I also belong to Amazon Associates. Every time I mention a book, I link to the US Amazon page for this title. I always use Amazon to get all sorts of useful information on various books, anything from the publisher, to the price, to reviews.

If you purchase a book by using these links (and believe it or not, some of them really are affordable), you support the blog. However, I totally would not blame you if purchased books you would like from an independent bookseller, a local big-box store or even requested them from the library. I am a big fan of the library.

The Bookshelf
I select these titles myself based upon my own interests. It is quite common in the academic world to be sent a copy of a book in turn for a review and I have done this for a couple of journals. However, that hasn't happened here yet. If you would like me to review a book, please contact me. Keep in mind that these are casual reviews intended for a general audience.

Comments are moderated and I reserve to the right not to publish any that are inappropriate or just plain mean.

I notice typos and other mistakes all the time in my posts, many times after they are published. I change these when I see them and don't make a big deal about it. I understand some bloggers like to leave a record of every alteration to the post, but I don't really see the point. If a publisher were to make typographical corrections in the second edition of a book, they wouldn't announce it to the world.  I do however note more substantial changes.


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