Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tracing Your Roots from ScotGen

Before I begin today's brief post, I'd like to send a shout out to Little Bytes of Life for adding this blog to the "Good Reads" Section. Thanks!

While catching up on over 350 blog posts in Google Reader this afternoon, I tripped across this post from ScotGen about Tracing Your Roots, a genealogy program on BBC Radio 4. Good thing too, because who knows when I would have noticed that there were new episodes for it waiting for me in iTunes. I only have 1000 unlistened to podcasts. (Do I need to mention my addiction to podcasts again...?)

If you visit the Tracing Your Roots main page there are also links to the previous series that can be listened to on the BBC iPlayer. I used to watch the host, Sally Magnusson, on BBC Scotland's evening news. I even saw her once at the Glasgow airport. That was neat. 

Also keep your eyes and ears open for Digging Up Your Roots. This show, specifically about Scottish family history and genealogy, from Radio Scotland, ended in February 2010, but I'm hoping there will be another series in January 2011.

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