Sunday, January 9, 2011

Digging Up Your Roots - Family History Show from Radio Scotland

I learned from Chris Paton via Scottish Genes who heard from Rosemary Morgan via Twitter that the fifth series of Digging Up Your Roots, presented by Bill Whiteford, began on today on Radio Scotland. It is genealogy program, but it is almost impossible to escape migration when dealing with Scottish family history. Last year they did an entire episode on emigration. New episodes will be broadcast on the next seven Sundays at 12:05 GMT. If you don't live in the UK or have other things to do at noon, you can listen to each episode on BBC iPlayer for 7 days after the first broadcast or download the podcast which will be available for 30 days. You can also subscribe to the podcast, but I just checked (1/9/11 12:30 pm EST) and there were no podcasts available yet. Please do not dilly-dally if you want the podcasts as ones from the BBC tend to disappear after a series has been completed (unlike NPR or others where most podcasts are seemingly available to download forever).

Update 1/10/11 14:15 EST: The podcast first episode, Unsung Heroes, just downloaded. All is well.

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