Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funding Opportunity: Fulbright Scottish Studies Scholar Award

While looking for something else, I found an announcement fort the Scottish Studies Scholar Award for a UK (citizen) scholar who wants to spend one or two semesters in the United States beginning autumn 2012. The goal of the award is to "foster mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of Scotland, in the hope of developing the 'Scottish Studies' discipline amongst American Higher Education institutions and encouraging further exchange opportunities in Scotland for the host university's students, academics and other professionals." The deadline is 31 May 2011.

I must admit, if this not the first year the award has been given, I don't think it's been terribly successful in achieving its goals. Most British History courses offered in the United States are really English History courses. Additionally, in American graduate programs a major division of British History is "Tudor/Stuart," which is really English History.

But I digress. It sounds like a great opportunity. I think emigration of Scots to America would make a great topic!  Read the entire announcement on H-Net or visit the Fulbright Scottish Studies Scholar Awards Page which includes details on how to apply.

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