Sunday, May 1, 2011

Conference: Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society at the University of Aberdeen, July 2011

The program for this year's annual conference, The Art and Science of Progress, has recently been posted. A secondary theme of the meeting is the 250th anniversary of James Macpherson's Ossianic poetry. This conference is great fun and attracts scholars from many disciplines, each of whom is interested in aspects of eighteenth-century Scotland. This year's event features two panel devoted Scotland and America.

The following panel is scheduled for 2:30 pm Thursday, July 7th:
Scottish Emigrants in North America (1b)
C Jan Swearingen (Texas A&M University)
‘From Aberdeen to Hanover: Patrick Henry and the Presbyterians of Virginia’

Ned Landsman (Stony Brook University)
‘Scottish Episcopalians and North America’

Juliet Shields (University of Washington), ‘Home and Away: Emigration and Nostalgia in Eighteenth-Century Scottish Poetry’

Scheduled for 2pm, Friday, 8 July:
Scotland and America (4b)
Esther Mijers (University of Reading),
‘Empire before Empire’

Roger Fernier (Adrian College),
‘John Witherspoon on American Progress’

Andrew Hook (University of Glasgow),
‘Francis Jeffrey’s American Journal in 1813’
Colin Kidd (my internal examiner at Glasgow, now of Queen's University Belfast) will be giving a plenary talk on ‘Hypocrisy and Dissimulation in the Scottish Enlightenment: The Case of the Rev. Alexander Fergusson of Kilwinning.’

Visit this page for information on lodging and registration. Go here for more information on the ECSSS.

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