Monday, June 6, 2011

A Broad Scot – A New-ish Magazine

As a child I loved summer because school was out and now as an adult I love summer for the same reason. There is still lots to do, but the pace is different because I don't need to have lectures tweaked and papers marked by 9:30 tomorrow morning. Instead, I have time to sort through OneNote where I have stored all the interesting tidbits that I thought might make good blog posts.  One, which I stored away in January, is about A Broad Scot, a magazine which premiered in January 2010.  

From their website:

A Broad Scot is an arts-biased publication that aims to give the reader a taste of what's happening now not only in the Scottish arts scene, but across the breadth of our culture both at home and abroad – business and finance, science, education and the arts – and maybe even casting a critical eye over government initiatives.

Admittedly a broad canvas indeed, but with your support A Broad Scot would like to make its contribution to spreading the word of our nation's vital and creative spirit.

The most recent issue has an article by Tom Devine on Scottish Activity in the East, a photographic essay on the World Cup, an article on the Scottish Parliament building among others and several short stories. What I like about it is that it includes history, general interest, photographs and literature and it aims to appeal to a Scottish audience at home and abroad. Unfortunately, I already subscribe to more magazines than I can read. However, if one of my subscriptions doesn't make the cut this year, I might replace it with this one.

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