Monday, July 11, 2011

Upcoming Conferences and Calls for Papers (CFPs)

I happened upon several conferences and CFP announcements that might be of interest to readers of this blog. None deal specifically with immigration, but with either Scotland specifically or ethnicity/identity/heritage which could be discussed in a Scottish context.

In no particular order, the conferences are:

Transatlantic Memories and Public Memorials. The CFP is here and the deadline is 11 July.
Papers are encouraged from scholars who are engaged in research on memorials and how they relate to:
* transatlantic foreign relations
* transatlantic migration
* the development of Atlantic culture
* trade and economics
* war, death, and commemorating victims of war.

People Over the Sea: Nordic and Scottish Perspective. Symposium to be held 29 August -1 September. More information here.

British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies. The CFP is here and the deadline is 30 September. "While proposals on all and any eighteenth-century topics are very welcome, this year the conference theme will be Landscapes & Environments. We would thus particularly welcome proposals for panels and papers that address eighteenth-century uses of, and attitudes to, landscapes and environments of all kinds, throughout the long eighteenth century and in any part of the world."

The Vernacular Architecture Forum.  The CFP is here and the deadline is 12 September. "Submissions on all vernacular topics are welcome, but we encourage papers that explore topics related to the following conference themes: the relationship between rural landscapes and regional urban centers; placemaking as it pertains to the relationship between work and home; regional trends in modernism (particularly in the Upper Midwest); ethnicity and heritage preservation; and evolution of Midwestern rural buildings and landscapes."
*I've spoken at this conference once and attended twice. There are several days of tours and one day of papers. The food is usually as important as the buildings. I've always had a good time.*

NeMLA 2012 "The Ethnic and Racial Other in Scottish and Irish Writings”. The CFP is here and the deadline is 30 September.
"This session welcomes papers that examine the way Scottish and Irish authors depicted and reacted to the ethnic and racial Other in their writings (fiction, travel writing, and biographies), from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century."

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