Saturday, September 3, 2011

Conference and Journal Miscellany

I should be at the gym, but instead here I sit trolling through the H-Net Announcements section for calls for papers (CFPs) and whatever else I might find. Hope you find something that you like!

First Up CFPs (in no particular order, italics mine):
19th Atlantic Canada Studies Conference, may 4-6, 2012, University of New Brunswick Saint John  due 2011-09-12. From the CFP, "Although Canada continues to experience strong regional identities, economic, cultural and political realities suggest that the concept of an Atlantic region can be reassessed or even challenged. The 19th Atlantic Canada Studies Conference will focus on the theme of the past, present and future of regionalism, with an emphasis on Atlantic Canada."

Agricultural History Society Annual Meeting: Agriculture & the State due 2011-10-01. From the CFP, "We welcome topics such as agricultural education, research, and technology; the development of agrarian ideals and improved farming; and land usage in rural settings in the United States and other countries. We invite panel sessions or individual papers from any of these areas, especially as they may apply to the role of the State and notions of progress and improvement in the construction of a better rural society and landscape."

Organization of American Historians 2013 Annual Meeting due 2012-02-15. From the CFP, "The theme for the 2013 OAH Annual Meeting will be "Entangled Histories: Connections, Crossings, and Constraints in U.S. History." The history of the United States is one of entanglement: trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, and cross-border interactions; conflicts and collaborations based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and class; intersections and crossings at all scales from the global to the intimate."

British Scholar (Britain and the World) Conference Edinburgh 2012 2011-10-10. From the CFP, "Papers will focus on British interactions with the world from the seventeenth century to the present and will highlight the importance of British history from a global perspective. Beginning in 2012 the British Scholar Conference will also be known as the Britain and the World Conference..."

Sea-Changes: A Maritime Conference in the Humanities due 2011-11-15. From the CFP, "Proposals for single papers or panels of three speakers are invited on any aspect of the sea as a transformative power in literature, history, or culture, and in the lives of landsmen, mariners, writers, poets, and artists."

"The Ethnic and Racial Other in Scottish and Irish Writings” NeMLA 2012 due 2011-09-30. From the CFP, "This session welcomes papers that examine the way Scottish and Irish authors depicted and reacted to the ethnic and racial Other in their writings (fiction, travel writing, and biographies), from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century. How did Scottish and Irish authors depict those who were ethnically and racially different from them?"

Reconfiguring White Ethnicity: Expressivity, Identity, Race Conference due 2011-09-16. From the CFP, "This conference situates European-American ethnicities in relation to recent scholarship on whiteness, transnationalism, and diaspora. It positions collectives such as Greek America, Irish America, Italian America, Polish America and others as historically distinct yet interrelated cultural fields, whose complexity has not been sufficiently recognized by scholarship."

North American British Music Studies Association (NABMSA) 2012 Conference  due 2012-02-01. From the CFP, "e theme of the conference is Anglo-American music and musical relationships, and we are especially interested in papers that explore these connections, such as those on British brass bands in America, British-American folk traditions, and other transatlantic collaborations and influences. We also welcome papers on any topic related to British music and musical life, in all geographical regions of Britain, the Empire, and beyond Britain." 

If you don't feel like travelling somewhere to give a paper, consider submitting an article to Journeys which is looking for "articles on related categories and subcategories like literary forms/genres comprising everything from scientific or religious traveling to famous movie site tourism or colonial motivated mobility or subjects that involve cultural aspects, images of identity/identification and imaginary encounters that are mediated through journeys." Or submit to Race/Ethnicity for either their issue on Land Ownership and Tenure, due 2011-11-1, or the one on Race, Ethnicity and Appalachia, due 2012-1-15. 

If you don't feel like writing anything you might be interested in reading Transnational Migration, Race and Citizenship, the first volume of Race/Ethnicity. The TOC is here

And finally, if you don't even want to read anything and can get to the City University of New York on October 14, 2011, consider attending (New) Debates on Belonging, A Graduate Student Conference on Contemporary Issues in Immigration. It is free and open to the public. 

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