Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canada the Brave: 2 Books about Scots in Canada

If you are looking for something to read about Scots in Canada, you might try How the Scots Invented Canada by Ken McGoogan or How the Scots Created Canada by Matthew Shaw, both of which are mentioned in a review article by D. Grant Black here.

I've not read either book but based upon the review they sound a bit filiopietistic (roughly ancestor-loving; migration historians do not use this word in a positive sense). However, McGoogon's book has many mini-biographies which might mention an ancestor of yours and even if it doesn't it might provide context for your ancestor's experience in Canada. If you are writing a research paper of Scots in Canada or the Scottish Diaspora, this book might be a good source of examples.

If you've read them, share your thoughts in the comments section.

with thanks to Brenda

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