Monday, January 9, 2012

Digging Up Your Roots & Independence

The only thing these two topics have in common is that they both appeared in my Twitter stream this morning. Of course, there may be some cosmic connection between them that I don't yet understand, but I don't think so.

Both @Leaksy and @stephenrafferty posted links to this article by Ian McWhirter of The Herald. McWhirter details 2011 - the landmark year in Scottish politics and his thoughts on Scottish Independence. Since a referendum on Independence seems likely to occur in 2014, it will be a subject of interest to all the Diasporas.

Next I saw a tweet from @ScotlandsPeople about the new series of Digging Up Your Roots. The first episode, High Achievers, aired yesterday. It is available for the next six days on the iPlayer. Alternatively, you can subscribe via iTunes. I subscribed this way last year and the podcast was waiting for me this morning. Although I'm sure it would have taken me a while to notice without the notice from @ScotlandsPeople. The BBC page for the podcast of Digging Up Your Roots doesn't seem to be up yet, it offers all sorts of different ways to subscribe, but I imagine it will be eventually.


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