Thursday, February 2, 2012

EmigranThursday - Patrick McMaster

Welcome to another brief return of EmigranThursday. This week I am letting Colin Nicolson of the University of Stirling do all the work with his 2007 article "A Plan to 'banish All The Scotchman": Victimization and Political Mobilization in Pre-Revolutionary Boston." This article examines the plight of Patrick McMaster, a Boston merchant.

Nicholson's object in the article  is to understand the political climate and the experience of recent British migrants in Colonial Boston during the Non-Importation crisis of 1770. He does this through focusing on the recent immigrants Ann Hulton and Patrick McMaster who were attacked by mobs within hours of each other in  on June evening in 1770.  Patrick McMaster and his brothers originally hailed from Galloway and were successful merchants in Boston from about 1765 until 1775. The following year they left for Halifax and eventually settled in New Brunswick.

I really enjoyed this article and I encourage you to read it. You can access the article here (PDF).  Additionally, J.L. Bell, who writes the Boston 1775 blog, has a post on Patrick McMaster and Nicolson's article here.

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