Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's about Time for Brave

In the March 5th issue of Time Magazine is an article about the forthcoming animated feature Brave. "Pixar's Girl Story," by Joel Stein, provides intriguing details about the inner workings of the Pixar studio in addition to the twists and turns of Brave's story development and production. All of which is quite interesting but ... (you knew that was coming didn't you) ... nothing in the article countered my fear, based solely on the trailer, that Brave would be an extravaganza of trite images of the "wild and untamed Highlands" heaped atop a mountain of fanciful imaginings of the Middle Ages. In fact, my historian's heart plummeted when I read that the "unofficial consultant" for all things "medieval, Scottish and violent" was Mark Andrews whose expertise seemed to be that he practiced martial arts and played Dungeons & Dragons. Mr. Andrews, who visited Scotland for the project in 2006, later became the film's director and created a "brawnier" version of the original story. I will try to suspend disbelief and my historian's heart when I see the film, but it won't be easy.

Read the introduction to the article here. If you don't subscribe see if you can get a copy at your local library.

Brave is scheduled for a summer release: 21 June in Australia & Canada, 22 June in the US & Canada, and 17 August in the UK. Find more release dates at the IMDB here.

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