Sunday, April 29, 2012

ssshhhh..... historian at work


Many years ago I completed my PhD dissertation and have always planned to turn it into a book. Almost all of it has been presented at various conferences and a big chunk of Chapter 2 appeared in the Scottish Historical Review in 2009. But the book, not so much. I have been focusing on it more is the past 18 months, mostly trying to remember how I said all the families in Scotch Settlement were connected, looking for more migration networks, trying to update my reading, and editing the text. Then about a month ago, I realized I was tired of it NOT being done. And so that is what I have been doing the past several weeks, working on the book in addition to giving lectures, writing magazine articles, doing client research, visiting family, and throwing tea parties. Sadly, blogging has fallen to the end of my list of things to do.

I wanted all loyal readers and followers of The Scottish Emigration Blog to know that I've not abandoned it, but I probably won't be back to three posts a week for a while. On the bright side (at least for me) after days pouring over parish records and finding not much of anything (I call it negative research), today I found two sentences from a book by Charles Fraser-Mackintosh that were very gratifying to find. Is it sad that two sentences written 120 years ago make me happy?

So, stay tuned and watch this space for upcoming posts and news about Scotch Settlement - The Book.


PalmsRV said...

Staying tuned for the identity of the two sentences! Thought of two that would make me happy -- the death place and date of two ancestors I've been researching for 20+ years.

BDM said...

Bravo ... it's good to hear the book is on its way!
- Brenda


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