Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scottish Eats on the Ohio River

Nicholson's Pub in Cincinnati

I spent last week in Cincinnati, Ohio with my mother. She went to the National Genealogical Society's Annual Conference and I went to socialize and see the sites. While perusing the AAA guide to see where I should go and what I should eat, I spotted Nicholson's Pub and the entry said it served Scottish fare. That's not something you see everyday.

My mom and I ate there on a Wednesday evening - they just barely had room for us - but the food was great. My mom had fish and chips. I would have had that, but since I'd eaten it the night before at the Claddagh Irish Pub across the river, I ordered the Pan Roasted Salmon. It was YUMMY.

Scottish Decor over the Patio

The waiter said there wasn't as much Scottish food on the menu as there had been in the past. But there was still some, plus servers wore kilts with t-shirts that said, on the back, If it's not Scottish, it's crap. There were assorted Scottish themed signed on the walls - for pubs and beer and the like. All in all, tastefully theme-y.

Honestly, it was really nothing like any restaurant I'd been in in Scotland, but I'd recommend it just the same. Nicholson's a little piece of Scotland on the Ohio River.

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