Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Few Brave Thoughts

I saw Brave and must agree with Neil Oliver that it is a lovely film. All my worries were for naught. I suppose one could quibble over the brawny Scots with painted faces wearing poorly fitted kilts, but it's not really worth it.

At its heart Brave is a modern tale about the relationship between a mother and daughter. Scotland, a mythical/medieval one at that, is merely the setting. In actuality, Brave could have been set in a mythical/medieval Scandinavia, Russia, India, or China and it would not have detracted from the story. It is not possible to get the history wrong in a fairy tale (well, if you ignore that fact that none of the characters acts like someone in the Middle Ages would).  

Critics say that Brave isn't up to Pixar's usual standards. I don't care, I liked it and if given the opportunity, I would see it again. The scenery is lovely as is the animation. Merida's hair deserves its own Oscar, it is that amazing. Seriously. Would it be bad of me to hope that Brave is the next Braveheart and encourages a new generation of people to learn about Scottish history and literature and even to visit Scotland?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the movie too! And I agree that her hair is just the best!! I have red in my hair and wanted to make it redder after seeing the movie, but my hairdresser talked sense to me and told me to stay my more natural blonde! Still, it is fun to dream! It was wonderful and I hope people will be interested in Scottish history more because of the movie too!


Hugh said...

My wife and I took two grandchildren to see "Brave" last week; we all enjoyed it. The grandchildren live in the village of Scotia, NY.

That coincidence aside, it is the picture of you standing on the boundary line on the Isle of Bute that really hit a chord: a family Bible purchased by an ancestor born in 1570 indicates he lived on Bute.


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