Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympics Fun: NBC Reporter Takes Field Trip to Glasgow

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NBC reporter and former tennis player, Mary Carillo, was on assignment in Glasgow recently learning about kilts and bagpipes. The piece originally aired during NBC's prime time coverage August 4, 2012. While searching for the video online (NBC didn't make it easy to find on their Olympics page), I found a few complaints about the piece, mostly that it interrupted the actual games and medal ceremonies, and some cheers for the Red Hot Chili Pipers who are featured in the video. I didn't like that she insisted on calling kilts skirts and mispronounced Glasgow. You think I'd be used to it since so many Americans do these things, but I'm not. Other than that, I thought it was fun report and enjoyed hearing the pipes and seeing a bit of my other hometown.

Go here to see the video (at least for viewers in the US, I have no idea if it will play in other regions).

7 Aug Update: Thanks to reader Pat who commented that the video is only available in the US. (see below).

May 2015 Update: The above link no longer works. Try the NBC Glasgow Topics page instead.

April 2018 Update: the link from 2015 no longer works either. I'm not sure what NBC has against this clip.


Pat said...

The link only works for US viewers...

Anonymous said...

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