Sunday, September 30, 2012

History of Scottish Nationalism: A New Series from BBC Scotland

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The Cause: A History of Scottish Nationalism is a new five-part radio series from BBC Scotland presented by Billy Kay.

From the press release:

  • In The Cause, Billy Kay explores themes of identity, culture, history and politics to trace the development of Scottish nationalism and its political expression in the rise of the SNP.  Billy speaks to nationalists who have devoted their lives to a movement which a few decades ago was regarded as peripheral and irrelevant, but which is now at the centre of national life.  These include veterans like former Party Chairman James Halliday and editor of the Scots Independent Jim Lynch, seminal figures like Gordon Wilson and Winnie Ewing, and the family of the hugely important figure of “King” John MacCormick – all tell their version of their story from within the movement.  Others recall the sneers, the personal hostility and animosity their Scottish  patriotism provoked at one time and the sacrifices many people made for the cause of Scottish independence in the past. Modern Scottish nationalism is expressed by Humza Yousaf MSP, whose father was the first Asian member of the SNP, and by First Minister Alex Salmond who looks forward with optimism to the future.

Read the post about the series on the BBC Scotland Radio blog here.

The series is only available on the BBC iPlayer here, not as a podcast. Episode 1 ends today (30 September 2012). Episode 2 airs tomorrow (1 October 2012).

with thanks to Karin Bowie

update 6/2018 - The series is now available on YouTube. Visit the playlist.

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