Sunday, June 9, 2013

Will the Blogger No Come Back Again?

I took this picture at the Ohio Scottish Games many years ago, and the situation of this poor British soldier doll always amused me. I'm not sure if whoever put the soldier on the spike was trying to be comical or trying to make a statement about Scottish (or indeed American) attitudes towards red-coated soldiers.

I post it here, now, because the soldier represents a bit how I have felt this year - a wee writer/historian staked to a collection of due dates and obligations. This list ended up being way longer and more pressing than I had intended since I had not planned on working 13-hour days at the Board of Elections last fall.

This year, so far, I have kept up with client work, written three new lectures with accompanying PowerPoint presentations,  given these three lectures and several others, and like so many people have been looking for a "proper" job. On top of all that I did about 80% of the portfolio work required for certification by the Board for Certification for Genealogists which I submitted in May.

The most pressing deadlines have now passed and I have more time and more importantly more energy. There are no set plans going forward but to quote Indiana Jones, "I'll think of something."

Thank you all for not deleting the blog from your subscription and following lists. I look forward to many interesting posts and discussions about the Scots and their Diaspora in the coming months.

n.b. If I never mention certification again, that is code for "I did not pass." 


Anonymous said...

You must have heard me thinking about you wondering where you were! And voila a post! Thanks!


Grant Davis said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

Regards, Grant

Amanda E. Epperson said...

Thanks Graham. At first I thought you must have been confused about the blogiversary, but then today I read Thomas McAntee's post about it on June 11th. It's bad when one forgets one's own anniversary's. :)

BDM said...

Best wishes on your BCG portfolio, Amanda!
- Brenda


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