Saturday, January 17, 2015

View of the Ulster-Scots from 1915

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I discovered this online version of The Scotch-Irish in America from Library Ireland. This volume was written by Henry Jones Ford and published in 1915. Scots who migrated from Scotland to Ulster and then to the United States comprise the third part of the Scottish Diaspora in this country. The other two being Lowland Scots and Highland Scots. Each group is usually considered separately in the literature relating to Scottish emigration.   

I have not read Ford's book, so I can't comment on it, except to point out the obvious - it was written a hundred years ago. While dates and events have not changed, our opinions and interpretations of them have. If you are in need of basic background or need sources for a literature review for a thesis or dissertation, you might find this book useful.

Additional online versions are available from here and Google Books here.

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