Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gaelic Twitter Day

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The second Gaelic Twitter Day event happened on 30 April 2015. When I did I learn about it? On 30 April. The purpose of Gaelic Twitter Day is to promote the Gaelic language and to provide an opportunity for all Gaelic speakers to, well, use Gaelic. The primary hashtag was #gàidhlig, but two others I saw were #GaelicTwitterDay and #gaelic. 

@welovehistory (aka Historic Scotland) shared a link to a post at their blog, The Chain Mail, The Outlander's Guide to Gaelic

@rtidwell730 shared a link to useful Gaelic phrases for social media.

@LearnGaelicScot had several posts, including a link to their website.

@amPiobaire shared a link to a Gaelic exhibit at St. Francis Xavier University. 

@glasgowlife shared this YouTube video of Everyday Gaelic Phrases.

@direcleit tweeted a link to his Gaelic translation of The Story of Emigration from Berneray, Harris.

@natlibscot shared an article from their news archive about their Gaelic collections. Additional links to Gaelic resources at the NLS on this page.

This is a small sampling of what was on offer during Gaelic Twitter Day 2015. Study the phrases and mark your calendars for 30 April 2016.

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