Saturday, May 16, 2015

Scots in the American Civil War

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Many immigrants to America, including Scots, fought in the American Civil War (1861-1865). In 1858, Scots associated with the New York Caledonian Club formed a state militia. At the outbreak of war in 1861 they volunteered to serve the Union. Known as the 79th New York Highland Regiment, they originally wore kilts, but found them unsuited to the American battlefield. It also seems that the US Government would not pay to outfit them in kilts, so they soon adopted Union Blue.

Learn more about the 79th New York Highland Regiment in a 2011 article from the Scotsman: American civil war: how a tartan-wearing regiment from Scotland joined the Northern cause.

See what sources regarding the unit are available at the FamilySearch Wiki page: 79th Regiment, New York Infantry.

See a timeline of battles in which the 79th Highlanders participated here.

Read The Seventy-ninth Highlanders, New York Volunteers in the War of Rebellion 1861-1865 written by William Todd in 1886. (Free from Google Books)

The New York Military Museum has a page dedicated to the 79th Infantry Unit.

See details regarding their uniform: Dress Uniform of the 79th Regiment, New York State Militia (“Cameron Highlanders”) 1859-1861.

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