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Ever wondered how you could support The Scottish Emigration Blog, or more importantly, the Blogger? Well, here is a list.

1. Read/Visit/Follow/Subscribe to the blog. I get warm fuzzies when I see the number of page views, followers and subscribers increase.

2. Comment on the blog. I know it can be intimidating to put your thoughts out there for everyone to see.  But do try. The reality is I'm probably the only one who will notice and I will be happy you took the time to post a comment. I'll probably even reply.

3. Buy one of the books I suggest via Amazon. To read more about the Amazon affiliate program and my thoughts on it, visit the FYI page.

4. Advertise your Scottish or Immigration themed product on the blog.

5. Hire Amanda to help you.  I can...
  • Research your family
    • If your ancestors did not live within driving distance of Cleveland, I can research what I can using nearby sources (Western Reserve Historical Society, the Family History Center and the Internet). When I have exhausted these resources I will, in addition to providing my results, prepare an action report for future avenues of research in other locations.
    • If your ancestor did live within driving distance of Cleveland, I can do all of the above, plus visit Court Houses, Cemeteries, Historic Properties, Genealogy Libraries and anywhere else that might have useful information.
  • Help you with your blog
  • Help with your academic/immigration research project
  • Write/scrapbook your family history
  • Speak at your organization, see my profile at GeneaSpeak here
  • Research your house or your ancestor's house; in a previous life I was an architectural historian.

 If you are interested in numbers 4 or 5, please contact Amanda at aeepperson at


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