Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Scottish Intellect - A New Radio Series from BBC Scotland

University of Glasgow from Kelvingrove Park

Beginning Wednesday, 14 September, BBC Scotland will air a new seven-part series, The Scottish Intellect, in which host Billy Kay celebrates the 600 year history of Scotland's Universities.  Read more about the program and listen to a clip on Radio Scotland's blog here.

The first episode, which airs at 14 September at 14:25 and repeats on 18 September at 00:02 and 06:03, traces the development of Scotland's Pre-Reformation Universities: St. Andrew's, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

While the University of Glasgow is featured in many of the episodes, it is the sole feature of episode 5, "Democratic Intellectualism" and will air on Wednesday, October 12. Read more about it here.

The program obviously is not about Scottish emigration, but many emigrants did attend one of Scotland's many universities. These programs may give you insight into your ancestor's experience at University, no matter when they attended. On the other hand, you may be like me, a member of the 'lived Diaspora' who studied in Scotland, but then left. Perhaps these programs will give us a great appreciations for the institution and the country we briefly called home.

There is no indication whether or not this program will be available on BBC iPlayer. Fingers crossed that they will be. 

**Update 9/15/21011 - the program is availale on the iPlayer. Each episode will be available for 7 days after the first broadcast.***

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