Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ellis Island Tartan

In January 2012 I posted about the creation of the Panda Tartan by the Edinburgh Zoo. The design and colors in this tartan honor the peoples of Scotland and China. Even if you don't care for tartan, one must admire the sentiment.

Just in time for Tartan Day I have learned about a new commerative tartan. In 2011, an Ellis Island Tartan was created to honor the tenth annual Tartan Day Celebrations at the National Park. It was designed by Matthew Newsome of the Scottish Tartan Museum (which I posted about here) using colors to signify aspects of American history. Read more about  the Tartan here and information about purchasing it here. All proceeds will benefit the Save Ellis Island Foundation.

Follow the Ellis Island National Park at @EllisIslandNPS.

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