Friday, June 8, 2012

Pixar the Brave

Brave, Pixar's new animated feature set in Scotland, opens in the US on June 22nd and in the UK on 17 August.  To help you join in on the fun, here is a collection of links about the film.

In addition to the official trailer, a collection of featurettes are on YouTube here, here, here, here, and here. Each one is quite clever and only about a minute long.

You can follow Brave on Twitter, @BravePixar2012 and tweet about it using #Brave and #BraveScotland. Or if Twitter's not your thing, you can like Brave's Facebook page.

Read the press release about the Hollywood premier on 18 June here, about the cast's visit to Edinburgh here, and it's UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival here and here.

The soundtrack was composed by Patrick Doyle (who also scored Henry V, one of my all time favorites) and you can read about it here. Mumford & Sons (I just bought their album Sigh No More. It is a-ma-zing), has written "Learn Me Right" for Brave, but it is sung by Birdy, more here. Eventually, you ought to be able to listen to samples of the soundtrack here or on iTunes. The soundtrack will be released on 19 June in the US, so I would imagine that samples will be available then.

VisitScotland has an official Brave page with links to a competition, itineraries, travel experiences, and extras. Tucked away in travel experiences a short article from the National Museum of Scotland highlighting how pieces in their collection inspired the filmmakers. Links to most of the featurettes can be found on the extras page.

Despite my earlier skepticism regarding this film, I am now looking forward to it. What changed my mind? Twitter did. Neil Oliver tweeted that he thought it was wonderful (@NEIL_OLIVER_, 2 June 2012). Of course, I might totally disagree with him after I see the film for myself. I'll keep you posted.

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Kevin Coleman said...

I'm looking forward to "Brave," also. It looks stereotypical, but still entertaining and a good way to teach through 'infotainment.'

I might try to showcase Celtic culture (knotwork, Celtic crosses, etc.) from my medieval work for a Columbus, Ohio theater on opening night.

As for a Great Kilt, I might have the whole nine yards to do it properly...


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