Saturday, September 6, 2014

Scottish Referendum on Independence - A Cavalcade of Articles

In twelve days, on 18 September, the Scots will vote on a Referendum of Independence. Here is a cavalcade of  articles I've collected over the past several weeks. It has long been assumed that the "No" would win handily; however, "Yes" has been gaining ground in recent weeks.

The articles are in no particular order and include views from both sides. Each article likely provides links to further articles, so get a mug of tea, find a comfy chair, and find out what going on in the homeland.

The Scottish Referendum page from the Scottish Government

The Better Together Campaign.

The Yes Campaign.

Historian Simon Schama in the Financial Times.

Watch the second debate on independence at C-SPAN.

GOTV efforts in Glasgow.

From The Guardian: Something incredible is happening in Scotland, 5 Reasons 'Yes' is winning in the polls, collection of Independence articlesbook club seeks a Scottish book to read for September, Historian Tom Devine will vote 'yes', and the art of no.

Historian Chris Whatley on Tom Devine's 'yes' decision at the Conversation.

From USA Today: polls show surge for independence, thoughts from Shetland, independence fever in Europe, spiders and the 'no' vote, celebrities are on both sides.

From the Scotsman: An independent Scotland and NATO, collection of independence articles, Historian Jim Hunter on the Highlandsthe undecideds, a general's concerns.

The Scotland page at the has several articles relating to independence

Thoughts on Scottish identity in the New Statesman

Preparing for a nail-biter vote from Time.

Scotland Decides from The Herald

Is it Braveheart's fault? from The Telegraph

A view from an expat in America from The Drum

Historian Michael Graham in the Akron Beacon Journal

Journalist Neal Ascherson in the New York Times

Search #indyref on Twitter for more. I expect that there will be increased coverage of the Referendum in the national (US) media nearer the 18th and definitely on the 19th.

Happy Reading

6 Sept Update: More good Twitter search terms - #BetterTogether, #VoteYes, #VoteNo, and #ScotlandDecides

12 Sept Update: The Guardian's Reading Group has chosen The Bridge by Iain Banks. More information here.

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